Tuesday, April 3, 2007

6 Things to overcome

It's hard not to focus on failure or unachieved goals as you track your progress, but I make myself focus on where I am now versus Before Crossfit(BCF)

The short list:

1)Kettlebell Snatch 1.5pood (30reps each arm) Need to work on form and come at this one fresh, also buying a book on the snatch from a russian... so thats gotta help!
2)Thrusters 45xBW My week will have a focus on all the thrusters I've cheated myself out of
3)pull-ups 20 with time
4)Lsit 30 sec with time
5)2000m row >7:30 on thurs at johns house fingers crossed
6)powersnatch 1/2 BW Test today!

Had John make me an excel sheet to help me track progress with the 5 basic strength standards (Have I said that Starting Strength is an Awesome book yet!)

Bench Press
Power Clean
This will allow me to calculate an estimated time that I or one of my athletes will reach the next training level on the scale, which in turn changes how the program works.
Thanks John, I already added to it!

21-15-9 reps, for time)
  • Thruster 95 lbs
  • Pull-ups
Soreness and Injuries: (para phrased from SS)
Soreness is produced when the body does something to which it is not adapted.
DOMS: Delayed-onset Muscular Soreness - The onset of the perception of soreness is normally delayed, anywhere from 12-48hrs, depending on age and conditioning level of the athlete, the nature of the exercise being done, and the volume and intensity of the exercise. Certain muscle groups get sore faster and more acutely than others. certain exercises even when done right, at a high level produce next to no soreness at all. If you are not training hard enough to produce occasional soreness, and therefore having to train through it, your not training hard enough.
Waiting until the soreness goes away before training again is a definite way to guarantee soreness will be produced every time.
Extreme soreness that impedes full ROM must be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Usually warming up carefully and thoroughly will be a viable solution.
some allowance can be made if it's determined to be from lack of recovery!

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