Monday, April 2, 2007

Schedual pukie for an afternoon apointment

Oscar came for a workout yesterday, he did "Tabata this" and I did some testing work, because I had gymnastics at night.

Tabata This; 8 intervals of 20 secs work followed by 10 seconds rest for each exercise!
Squats, Pull-ups, Sit-ups, Push ups
all 8 intervals are done with one exercise before moving onto the next, no rest between exercises
During the recovery I received a phone call and I heard Oscar move toward the washroom, to say the least he met pukie, and his little brother dry pukie. he relaxed while I did my testing and we called it a day.... I printed him the sheets on Rhabdo just as an FYI for him.

Coach is so right that all the yelling in the world doesn't do jack compared to having a stopwatch and saying 3,2,1... GO (it becomes the athlete personal drive that pushes them harder than you could by insulting them)

I'm so happy with how I'm doing with the level 2 testing
"Awareness will get you results, what you practice,you will get better at" -Coach
Tests Results: (72% complete level 2 or higher)
  • failed at 45x thrusters 1/2 BW
  • complete military press 1/2 BW (level 2) (I've done 115lbs x5 in a WOD so I should be able to do 131lbs which is level 3 for me)
  • complete deadlift @ 1 1/2 BW (level 2) I will test level 3 coming shortly (350lbs)
  • Vertical Jump 22.5' (level 2) only 2.5' short of level 3 (my vertical shocked me!)
  • Handstand hold 1 minute (balanced against wall, I'm going to count it!)

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