Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Vertical Inquiry

Asking my athletes/friends whoever reads this to do a test on vertical and post results... I have no real basis of whats good aside from this chart, and I have no idea how fractional it is to gain an inch or what....
to test: stand beside wall reach as tall as you can with one arm and mark it (i just chalked my finger) then jump up and touch as high as possible and measure the differance, give yourself a few shots and try both sides make sure to warm up first because of the explosive nature!

Did my 100 free squats... weren't exactly free, but I did it! chalk
up another level2 on the board!
75% complete
only 6 excersizes left to do and i'm level 2!!!!

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Coach D said...

Mike 22 inches
Lee 14 inches (post a 6km run...junk time to test)